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Due North Education Plan

Developed from a robust engagement effort with educators, school leaders, students, and families across the state, the Due North Education Plan is centered on ensuring every child in Minnesota receives a high-quality education, no matter their race or zip code. The Due North Education Plan is built from the voices and ideas of Minnesotans whom the Walz-Flanagan Administration engaged in their first two years in office, including the Governor’s Education Roundtable, the School Finance Working Group, the creation of the Minnesota Department of Education’s Strategic Plan

A Brief History

By Susan C. Faircloth

The horrific treatment of Native peoples is a stain on our nation’s history—and on our present and future. The legacy of oppression, combined with current widespread lack of knowledge about Native peoples, contributes to vast inequities today. Fortunately, where ignorance is core to this problem, excellent teaching is essential to its remedy. Here, I answer four key questions about the education of Native students and the challenges that remain. More

Randi Weingarten and NYC teacher Tamara Simpson

Attacks on public education in America by extremists and culture-war peddling politicians have reached new heights (“lows” may be more apt), but they are not new. The difference today is that the attacks are intended not just to undermine public education but to destroy it.