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The projected state budget surplus of $17.6 billion provides a once-in-lifetime opportunity for short-term investments in Minnesota students, but increased support over many budget cycles is necessary to meet the challenges facing public education, Education Minnesota President Denise Specht said Tuesday.


Friendly Hills Nurse Publishes Book on Childhood Mental Health

As the nurse at Friendly Hills Middle School, Amy Graham knows that mental health is just as important as physical health. So when her 10-year-old son struggled with depression and anxiety following the COVID pandemic, she wrote a book, "Better Than Resilient: A Journey Through Depression From a Child's Mind," about her son's experience.

"The book is written from his perspective, and details his thoughts, feelings, and physical symptoms as he journeyed to (and then through) depression," Amy shares. "The book shows how he comes to a


This video includes interview excerpts from both Gubernatorial candidates sharing their views on the role of our Union in Education, as well as interviews from teachers that left WI and IA, and the statistical impacts that have happened to wages and benefits in both states as as result of electing anti-Union governors.


Public education shouldn’t be at the mercy of politics. But the reality is, elected officials are constantly weighing policies on testing, standards and funding that affect our schools, children and educators every day. Find links on Voter Information, what your ballot will look like, and more!


Education Minnesota announced the endorsements of 69 candidates for the Minnesota Legislature on Wednesday, including four members of the union. 

Education Minnesota’s endorsement process relies on the educators who work every day in schools across Minnesota. They meet with candidates, review candidates’ written answers to educators’ questions and make recommendations to the board of the Education Minnesota Political Action Committee for a final vote.


The union difference is more money in your pockets to buy a home, start a family, pay down student loan debt and save for retirement.