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The ALMAS program has received the Star of The North Award.

ALMAS has received the Star of The North Award from the State of Minnesota. In 2018, the group received a Public Health Achievement Award for its anti-tobacco work. In 2021, ALMAS received the Synergy and Leadership Exchange sponsored Minnesota Ethical Leadership Award. In 2023, ALMAS received The La Familia Latino Heritage Award. He started the program ALMAS (Anglos Latinos Motivados A Superarse) in 2001 at Two Rivers High School and has grown into a state and nationally recognized program. The program centers around creating and fostering Latino pride, erasing negative stereotypes and increasing post secondary participation. It does that through many community service projects as well as support in the school. These projects have been recognized throughout Minnesota and beyond. In 2022, the group created a professionally produced anti vaping video series that is being shown in over 80 local markets in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The students are asked often to testify on tobacco related issues at the capitol as well as in local government meetings. The students have been recognized repeatedly as one of the reasons that local anti tobacco ordinances have passed as well as laws at the state level. Creating a healthy community is central to their own success. Rob Hanson believes that a healthy family creates healthy kids which leads to the kids being successful academically.

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